Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learn 2 Skate Day 4: J

A boy was making his way all the way across the ice for the first time today at Learn 2 Skate, and said out loud, but not to anyone, "This is awesome!" I heard him say it, and that was awesome for me.

The other memorable quote by a Learn 2 Skate participant today was from a boy trying to explain that he had been sweating. "My hair is wet. Hey," he said to me, "My hair is wet. Touch my hair."

I declined.


One of the volunteers from the Kelly Phillips Foundation today was J. Lindsay. J was a DinoMights coach in the very earliest years of the organization. He's truly been the definition of long term relationships through DinoMights. Many of the original kids that he coached in the 90's are still in touch with J.

There are a lot of people coming to Learn 2 Skate as volunteers through the Phillips Foundation that are hearing about DinoMights for the first time. They all seem very interested. I've been telling them the stories as best I can, but J told some very cool stories that I didn't even know today. I think that hearing about DinoMights from a friend is much more powerful than hearing it from someone you just met. I personally want to thank J for asking about how things are going for me and the Harman family too.

J was there today with his daughter Shay. How cool that he and his daughter were serving together representing so many good causes. Serving a program that he helped build, Serving the legacy of Kelly Phillips, and all while strengthening the father daughter bond.

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