Monday, April 20, 2009

Follower Challenge
Thanks for the great support on our follower challenge! Welcome to our new Google Connect blog members. We helped raise $75 for DinoMights, just by reading the stories of "Hockey in the Hood." That went so well, I think we should do it again sometime.

Tutoring Wrap Up
This week we will be continuing Learn 2 Skate. We are also beginning our Spring Technology classes. This is a part of Academic Excellence at DinoMights (See Mission Statement: Physical, Academic, Social and Spiritual Excellence).

Our kids and their tutors can become very close. When the year finishes, it can be hard for the kids (and the mentors too!). How should I put it? Well, they miss each other when they don't have an appointed time each week to be together. Many of them will keep in touch over the summer, and many of them will be together next year. So it is important for us to celebrate the good work and strong relationships built over the school year.

This year we celebrated tutoring with educational trip to the zoo and a party for tutors and students. Thanks tutors. Your kids love you and think you are the best adult friends they have!

Here's some pictures from the year end tutoring events.

Salma gives Emily a Piggy Back on the Northern Trail

Zoo sillines

Kelsy and Jakobe

Pierre and Steven

Fred and Rafa

Francisco and Brian

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