Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When people think about DinoMights they think about the kids. Rightfully so! That is really what we are about. That is what our mission statement says, "developing Physical, Academic, Social and Spiritual Excellence in urban youth." However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. That's where I, the director, come in. Not only do I work with all these amazing kids coaching, tutoring, and mentoring; but I also write grants, fund raise, manage staff and volunteers, and cast vision for the organization.

So today is a big day for behind the scenes stuff. Today marks some really big deadlines for the financial side of the organization. Mainly, we have a grant deadline. That means that I have until today to finish and submit a rather large grant. Once it is submitted, we pretty much just wait and see if that foundation would like to fund us.

It is a stressful process, but I actually enjoy this part of my job. On the one hand we are at the mercy of others kindness and generosity. They could say no. It is a tough time out there. For foundations that have an endowment, their money could be tied up in a volatile stock market. For corporate foundations, profits are down and there is less to give away.

Really, we are just asking people to fund our wonderful kids and the development of their Physical, Academic, Social and Spiritual lives. I'm not ashamed to do that. It's about telling the DinoMights' story; a story that is very special. When someone wants to give we say "Thank You!"

So if you are a person who prays, say a prayer for DinoMights today. Ask the God who provides every good thing to support DinoMights out of his glorious riches

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