Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I want to know Wednesday

And now for another installment of "I want to know Wednesday".

Today this blog was officially linked on the NHL website! We are listed under the blogs tab on the Hockey is for Everyone page. That's big news for our humble blog here in Minneapolis. If you linked from the NHL website or you are a fellow Hockey is For Everyone Director, I welcome you to the DinoMights blog.

On Wednesdays I have begun asking questions about things I want to know. If you know, have things you want to know, or you can relate to the things I want to know feel free to leave a comment.

1) I want to know who to root for in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Our hometown team, the Minnesota Wild missed the playoffs by just two points. However, the playoffs are still a lot of fun. Here's what I'm thinking. My uncle is a Sharks fan so I kind of like them. I kind of like the Vancouver Canucks, despite their rivalry with the Wild. My reason for liking the Canucks is that they have former Wild player Willie Mitchell, who was a very good friend of DinoMights when he played here. It would be cool to see Willie raise the Cup.

Willie Mitchell, formerly of the Minnesota Wild, currently of the Vancouver Canucks, with DinoMights Aaron, Jesse, Maurice, Mari and Jatessa

2) I want to know what it is like to lift the Stanley Cup in victory.
Alas, if I were an NHL player at my age I'd be trying for my last big contract to get me to retirement. Since I am not already at that stage, I will most certainly not achieve this for myself. If you are reading this and you have actually won the Stanley Cup Championship, I would love to hear your story. DinoMights is inviting the Cup to our annual fundraiser which will take place either November 9 or 16 (Stay Tuned for more details). I doubt I'll get to lift it up over my head even if it is at our event, but at least I'll know if I pulled for the right team this year!

Jesse and dad, Jeff with the Stanley Cup at the Hockey in the Hood Tournament, Detroit, MI

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