Friday, April 3, 2009

Fun Fridays

It's time for another fun contest. I'm giving away NHL Diversity gear. I have NHL Diversity Polo Shirts in size small and medium. If you win and that is not your size, I can send you a DinoMights hat instead (or if you would rather have a hat).

Here's the contest: Every year at the annual DinoMights fundraiser, which takes place in November, we hold a Silent Auction. It usually has items like tickets to sporting events, autographs, gift items, clothing. One creative item we had last year was lunch with Willie O'Ree, the first Black player in the National Hockey League. It is just before Christmas so things that make good Christmas gifts work in the auction, like and ipod or theater tickets or a ride on a hot air balloon or golf passes. This year I am hoping to get a big jump finding items for the Silent Auction in November. So I am looking for ideas. Click here to see last year's auction list.

To be entered into a drawing for the prize you may do one or both of the following:

1) Leave a comment to this post with the following information: What item or experience would you love to see in the DinoMights Silent Auction, and how much would you be willing to bid on it? Think big, think creative; basically I'm saying no suggestion is too silly. We may not actually be able to get all the items you suggest, but having ideas is a place to start.

2) Leave a comment to this post with a suggestion of an item or experience you would like to donate to the silent auction.

This should be a fun contest. After all it is Fun Friday on the DinoMights blog. In that spirit enjoy the silly pictures that the kids like to take with the special effects feature on our office mac when they visit!


katie said...

ooo. . . I would like to bid on a chance to watch Eric, Leah and Scott do a skating performance in the genre of "disney on ice," except with some sort of biblical narrative plot. I'd bid $100.00 and help you sew the costumes. Pick me pick me pick me!

KelseyChristine said...

Edward says he would bid on tickets to a wrestling match. Or on a backpack with the Dinomight logo on it. Or a sweatshirt or a water bottle :)