Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learn 2 Skate Day 3: The Lo Family

Peter and Allan Lo help first graders from Andersen Elementary at Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate

Today Andersen Elementary's first graders came out to the rink for the second time. They seem like they've been doing it for years. It is going so smoothly. I want to say that I am very thankful for the Lo family for their great help on Tuesdays.

When I first came on staff as an intern in the summer of 2001 I lived in the "4-Plex" with John Foley, the original director. Across the alley from us was the home of the Lo family. There were 13 kids in the family and 11 played for DinoMights. I remember that there was always a Lo somewhere nearby. They often would come and knock on the door looking for something to do. I also remember that they had a reputation for being very good at hockey.

Allan and Schiffer Lo played on the first ever DinoMights team I coached. While kids in fourth and fifth grade like to brag about how many goals they have scored, Schiffer quietly led the team in goals.

About a year later the family moved to California. It was actually really sad. They had a lot of friends in DinoMights. I especially remember the story of Amy saying goodbye to her friend and neighbor, Vilayphone (pronounced: Vil-a-pon). Both girls were crying.

Well, the Lo family has come back into the DinoMights family in a big way. The parents ended up in Iowa living on a farm. The older siblings have made their way back to the twin cities. I was walking in the neighborhood one day this winter. Peter Lo was driving by John Foley's house, but John wasn't home. We got to talking and I invited him to come to alumni (in the winter we have pickup hockey for our past and present coaches, and high school and older players. We call it "alumni".). So the oldest boys started coming to alumni.

A few of them have started going to John Foley's church too. On Easter John challenged the congregation that our response to the resurrection should be to serve. So Side Lo came to me to volunteer for Learn 2 Skate. Little did I know, he was volunteering his brothers too. So far 6 different Lo brothers have come to help out at Learn 2 Skate. It wouldn't be going as well as it is without them. Moreover, I think it is even more special that this family that grew up having DinoMights as such an important part of their lives, is sharing that experience with the today's neighborhood kids.

Today Shiffer said, "You don't remember me do you."

How could I forget! But I do have to admit, I'm getting to know these boys all over again, only this time as young men.

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