Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Animals and Offerings

For today I thought I would share a few funny DinoMights stories. I hope they make you laugh.


A current student who is obsessed with animals, asked Eric, our current Program Assistant,

"Do you have pets?"

"No, but I grew up with pets," Eric replied.

"Oh, You look like someone who would have pets," the student said.

"What makes me look like a pet person?"

"I don't know, maybe it's your clothes or something."

At camp a few months later Eric and the same student had this exchange:

"Where were you," the student says to Eric.

"I went for a run," Eric replies.

"Did you see a bear?"


A tutor, Kelsey, brought her student to church one Sunday morning. After church the student excitedly held up a $5 bill for Kelsey to see.

"Kelsey," he says, "This church passes around baskets of free money!"