Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Caption Contest 2

This photo was just made for a funny caption contest!

So here's the contest: Give this photo a funny caption and leave your idea on the comments to this post. What is this kid thinking or what is a funny line that goes along with the picture? For example,

"Fee Fi Fo Fum!"
"I'm squishing your head!"
"Am I getting smaller or is the room getting bigger."

Seriously, this picture was just made for a contest like this! The panel of judges will confer and choose a winner tomorrow. I have a prize for the winner. It is a State of Hockey Great Goalies coffee mug. You may not be a coffee drinker, but play for the love of the game anyway!


Anonymous said...

I told you being in Dinomights wouldn't give you a fat head!

Uncle Steve

Patrick said...

WOW! Horizontal stripes really DO make me look wider. Now where did I put that striped hat?

Robert said...

And you think you have trouble finding pads that fit!