Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I want to know Wednesday

I am declaring today to be "I want to know Wednesday."

Here's some things that I want to know. If you have some things that you want to know or you can relate to my "wants" let me know on the comments.

1) I want to know what I would do without my wife, Kari, who gives me so many good ideas about DinoMights, and who helps me to get to bed on time for the busy day tomorrow. (This is the Dino blog so I am only referring to DinoMights issues here. Actually, there are many many more reasons that Kari really helps me as a person, not just as a non-profit director.)

2) I want to know what I would do as a director without Eric and Leah, our Program Assitants. They do and are doing amazing work. If I have to miss something for an illness or an emergency, they always do a great job holding up the fort. It reminds me that we are a team!

3) I want to know what would Learn 2 Skate have been like if the Lo family hadn't shown up to help. I really believe that God had something to do with 4 of the Lo brothers helping out. We needed more help yesterday, and Eric and I prayed about it. "LO" and behold there they were.

4) I want to know what it is like to be as generous as the people associated with the Kelly Phillips Foundation who are coming to help with Learn 2 Skate tomorrow. They commited to sending 4 or 5 volunteers per week, and tomorrow I think there will be 10! We are going to get those skates tied FAST tomorrow! (Stay tuned . . . The partnership between the Kelly Phillips Foundation and DinoMights is a very touching story. Another thing I think that God himself is putting together. I plan to tell more of this story as we go along.)

5) I want to know what Greg Carroll thinks about the fact that the DinoMights event named in his honor is serving twice as many kids this Spring. Learn 2 Skate is officially called Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate in honor of Greg Carroll our longtime coach who passed away in September of 2007.

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