Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wild Game

Kids at DinoMights get to do a lot of cool stuff! Not just hockey. This Tuesday they got to work on their sales skills. Twice a year the Minnesota Wild of the NHL, asks DinoMights to sell the programs at their games. After the kids finish selling they get to enjoy watching the rest of the game. As usual, it is about more than just the fun thing that they get to do. Yes a professional hockey game is a fun thing to watch. But learning a skill like sales might even benefit someone's career someday. That's what we're really all about. They have fun playing hockey or going to a Wild game, but they are really becoming well rounded people that can make a difference in their world!

Here's Edison showing off his sales skills, "Excuse me would you like to buy a program?"

Here is Noe having a fun time at the Xcel Energy Center . . . AFTER we finish selling!

Brad Bombardir played several years for the Wild. He is now the Director of Community Partnerships. He has been to our annual fundraiser a few times, attended a Wednesday morning practice, and hosted a career day for our academic award winners. Here he is visiting with a few DinoMights at the Wild Game.

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