Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hockey in the Hood Tournament

As we get started on this 40 day blogging journey (We're on Day 3) I feel compelled to explain everything about DinoMights all at once. Alas, it just is not possible if I am really going to Blog 40 week days in a row. So sometime soon we are going to do a Q/A blog. But for now, I just want give you some fun moments to get your interest flowing. As always if you want to learn more about us visit the DinoMights website, and to learn more about today's topic view the Hockey is for Everyone Page.

You may know that, among many things, DinoMights is a youth hockey program. You may also know that we are a diverse hockey program that is a member of the NHL Hockey Is For Everyone Initiative. As a member we had the once in a lifetime opportunity this year to participate in the Hockey in the Hood Tournament with other diversity programs from around North America. The Tourney was held in Detroit, MI. (Please watch the official tournament video, it is really well done and features some clips of DinoMights including Sandy scoring a goal, coach Eric, as well as me inspiring the team.)

Hockey in the Hood Tournament Highlights

We had a road trip
(I'll do a whole post on The Chicken, known as La Gallina sometime in the future too.)

We played hockey
Here we are shaking hands with the Alaska team. We also played Columbus, Ohio and Detroit, MI.

We visited the Motown Museum
"Baby there ain't no mountain high enough!"

We skated at Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings
Here's the team posing in front of a picture of the Wings with the Cup, and of the kids in the players bench.

We saw the Stanley Cup up close!
Seriously, up close. I've seen it before, but never had the chance to read the names or ask questions of the official cup handlers like this time. This is Hector with the most famous sports trophy in the world.

We met Willie O'Ree, the first Black hockey player in the NHL
Here is Layana and her hockey mom Lawanda with Willie. He is a very generous man with a great story to tell.

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