Monday, March 30, 2009

Richard Westley Wong

I want to tell everyone about Richard Westley Wong. Rich, along with his wife Leah, have the most hockey coaching experience at DinoMights. They have been coaching the Mites for 8 years! In addition to doing a great job coaching and loving kids they have also contributed by sharing some of their other talents. In particular, Rich is an aspiring professional photographer. He has donated his services to DinoMights by taking the annual team picture and by taking pictures for the fundraiser invitations. Pictured here are some photos he has taken for DinoMights. If you want to see more of his amazing work, please visit his website


This is a picture of Joeny for the 2008 Fundraiser Invitation. Rich took this picture at St. Anthony Main. The setting sun was lighting up the Hennepin Avenue bridge and he used a flash to light Joeny. It is a beautiful contrast between the subject and background.

The Pond Boys

This is probably my favorite DinoMights picture ever. It is the iconic shot of boys going to the pond; carrying skates on sticks over shoulders. Only these aren't the kids you'd expect to see at the pond! This really sums up DinoMights. They are African, African-American, Asian, Caucasian, etc. This photo truly shows that Hockey is for Everyone!


Rich shot this photo for the 2007 fundraiser invite. It is a picture of Jatessa, one of six graduating seniors in 2007.

DinoMights in Action

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