Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thank you to everyone who read the blog yesterday and got involved by leaving a comment. I hope we can do this kind of thing often. In fact, Let's do an encore contest tomorrow!

All comments were put on post-its folded and drawn by DinoMights Program Assistant, Leah Engelhart from a Minnesota Wild Coffee Mug.

Email me your size and address if I don't already know it to claim your prize by clicking here, or by sending a message to scott@dinomights.com. Don't feel bad if you didn't win. There will be another contest tomorrow! (Plus, if you desperately want a t-shirt, you can buy one. E-mail me and I'll tell you how.)

So now for a few of the questions asked on yesterday's comments:

Robert asked, "Are the teams the DinoMights play against in the Twin Cities similar programs, park/rec teams or ...?"

DinoMights has five hockey teams. Our PeeWee team (Middle School boys and some girls) is a level "C" team and we compete in Minnesota Hockey's District 1. This is our most competitive team. We basically play teams from all over Minneapolis and St. Paul including, Johnson, Irondale, Como, and Highland Park.

Our Girls (Middle School Girls), Squirts (4th-5th Graders) and Mites (2nd-3rd Graders) are a part of the Minneapolis Park Board league. They play against teams from other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. For example: Pearl Park, Lynnhurst park, North Commons park etc. In the Park Board leagues we are officially known as Central DinoMights named for nearby Central Park.

Our mini-mites (K-2nd Grade) do not play games against other teams. This level is "Learn to Play."

We are the only program among all the teams that we play that formally provides other youth development activities besides hockey like academics, community service, and faith based activities. In addition we are the only program in the Twin Cities officially recognized as an NHL Hockey is for Everyone program.

Does DinoMights pull kids from across the cities or do you focus on a very specific area?

DinoMights serves the Central, Powderhorn and Phillips neighborhoods of South Minneapolis. If a family moves out of the neighborhood, often we can still work with them, because one of our top values is long-term relationships. I do get calls and emails from families that are not in our area from time to time. Although exceptions can be made on occasion, it is important for us to stick to our mission. Also, we are not trying to steal kids from other hockey programs.

Leah asked, "Why do kids like DinoMights [maybe you can share some quotes from the kids :)]"
There are some Alumni reading the blog. I'd love it if they would chime in on this question too! Here's what the kids say,

"Going to Feed My Starving Children and helping with Learn 2 Skate have helped me to help others."
-Noe, age 11
"The most important thing about DinoMights is learning hockey with a positive group of kids."
-Charissa, age 9
"Playing hockey makes me feel better about who I am."
-Edward, age 8
"I am achieving in a sport and I am having fun."
-Lucy, age 11
"It encourages me to do well in school"
-Nancy, age 11
"The most important things about DinoMights are learning about God and playing hockey."
-Sandy, age 14

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