Wednesday, March 18, 2009

40 Days of Dino Blogs

I want to tell everyone about DinoMights. Writing is something that I love, and DinoMights, the non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization of which I am the director, is something that I love too. So I am combining these loves on this new blog. This blog will tell the story of DinoMights, A.K.A. Hockey in the Hood, every day for the next 40 days.

You will like this blog if:

1) You already know about DinoMights and already think it is awesome
2) You love hearing about creative innovative ways to build a better world; especially in our inner cities
3) You love hearing about kids who succeed when others around them are not succeeding - or - you love hearing about kids who are not succeeding getting a chance at success
4) You love ice hockey and you think everyone should play it no matter how much money they have or what their ethnic backgrounds may be.
5) You believe in God and think that "good news" is more than just a front page article in the newspaper

A few notes about this project:

1) DinoMights is a youth development program featuring hockey, in Minneapolis. The philosophy of DinoMights centers around maintaining relationships with youth from their elementary years through high school graduation, and providing them with the various kinds of support they need to become self-assured, competent adults. To learn more visit the website
2) One important thing about blogging is that it needs to be something new pretty regularly.
• Therefore, you can expect something new about DinoMights every week day from now until mid-May.
• Therefore, I will most likely have to restrain myself from writing grand theses everyday. The reason I don't blog more already is because of the pressure to write something Tolstoy worthy every time.
3)Eventually I hope to move this blog to the DinoMights website. Whenever my technological ability or my friends with that ability are ready. When or if that happens there will be a link posted.
4) Please get involved in this project!!!!
• It is my hope that you will read this blog regularly. Become a follower, add it to your blog lists, or add it to your link list.
• As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization we rely on the support of others. If this blog inspires you, the DinoMights would love it if you would consider one of the many ways you can become a part of this story.

So there it is. My work is cut out for me. Tell the DinoMights story 40 times in 40 week days. So stay tuned for more stories from "Hockey in the Hood!"


Leah Marie said...

super cool idea Scott!

I look forward to reading the blog.

Waltzers said...

awesome! spread the word! i can't wait to see all of what you guys are up to and hear more about DinoMights!!!