Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Funny Caption Contest

There are many DinoMights moments that make us laugh. Here is an image, which is pretty plain on the surface. However, with a little imagination it too can be a moment that makes us laugh. So, here's the challenge: use your imagination and give this photo a funny caption. You know, like if it were a comic strip in the newspaper and there was a bubble coming from the mouth's of the characters. Or, like a Far Side that has a funny comment about the picture. The responses will be judged by a panel of three judges, and I'll post the funniest responses tomorrow. AND since our give away on Monday was so successful, we'll award the funniest response another DinoMights T-Shirt!

Your comments might look something like this:
"I forgot to have my coffee before this early morning practice. Oh right, my mom won't let me have coffee."

Whether or not that is funny is up to the judges to decide!


Matt Runion said...

"Go ahead. Make my day."

Jesse Sundberg said...

"How did all these girls get in the locker room?"

-J. Sundberg

Lilias said...

"Do you know, I could really do with some Irn Bru"


Scott said...

Yes, Pink bubble gum flavored soda is just what this child needs.

I hated Irn Bru at first, but it grew on me. Actually, I wouldn't mind some myself!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when my mom buys clothes with my name on the front. -Vic


Kristin Thomas Sancken said...

"You talking to me?"

Lilias said...

Haha I remember that Scott, we thought we were doing good filling your fridge full of Irn Bru, Its great, honest.

You and you family will just have to come over and get some.

Scott said...

Lawanda, said, "Here we go DinoMights, Here we go!"

(A technical difficulty deleted her comment. Sorry about that)

Rich said...

"Jerome Iginla ain't got nothin' on me!" "Wait, who's Jerome Iguana?"