Monday, March 23, 2009


Blogging everyday is a challenge. Of all the things I could tell you about DinoMights what do I choose? So I am letting you tell me. I am looking for the readers of this blog to ask questions about DinoMights. I'll use your questions to guide my writing for the next few days.

Now here's the fun part. I really want to get people involved in this blog. So here's my first shameless attempt to get you to read everyday.


All you have to do is leave a comment or a question about DinoMights on this blog posting. Every person, that's right, each and every person leaving a comment to this posting will be entered in a drawing for a DinoMights long sleeve T-Shirt just like the one I'm wearing in the photo.

I will announce the winner tomorrow and give instructions for claiming your prize. (That way you have to read tomorrow to see if you won!) Feel free to email this post to friends or guide friends to this page (By Facebook or whatever) for the chance to learn about DinoMights and maybe win a T-Shirt.


J. Sundberg (The original #4) said...

I like free stuff!
Go Dinomights!
-J. Sundberg

Scott said...

Yes! We will for sure have a winner now that we have at least one comment! Keep the comments coming for your chance to win!


Robert said...

You're doing a great thing Scott.

I'll throw some questions out for you.

Are the teams the DinoMights play against in the Twin Cities similar programs, park/rec teams or ...?

Once all the gear and ice time is taken care of (which I imagine is a huge challenge) - the kids still need to get to the rink. Does DinoMights pull kids from across the cities or do you focus on a very specific area?

Good luck with the 40 days.

Leah said...

I love this blog and I love DinoMights!!! Thanks for taking the time to share this awesome program with the world. Questions to inspire your blogging...How do kids get involved in DinoMights? How do volunteers get involved in DinoMights? Why do kids like DinoMights [maybe you can share some quotes from the kids :)] Keep up the amazing work!

Knaus said...

Hook me up. I love Dinos and Free Stuff. Okay, my 4 year old loves Dinos. I do love free stuff. Teachers are poor. Can you feel the shame?

Hi Scott!!!

Lencho said...

Nice Jesse.
Dinomights is awesome. It's a family, and some pretty cool people are growing up out of this program (even the ones who just like free stuff!)

Joeny said...

I love dinomights! This is a great idea you have! I really enjoy reading the updates and seeing how The Dinomights are doing once in awhile. Its a great way to keep in touch!

Im not just saying this for free stuff even though i do like free stuff but thats not why anyways i really like it! (:

KelseyChristine said...

Yeahhh Dinomights :)
Question: What are some of the funniest moments you have had with Dinomight kids over the years?

LaWanda said...

"Here we go Dinomights, here we go!"