Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funniest Captions from the contest

The panel of three judges conferred. Here is what we decided:

Second Runners Up

"Go ahead. Make my day."

"You talking to me?"

He does sort of look like he has a chip on his shoulder in this picture. Or like maybe there is a lot of emotion brewing beneath the surface.

First Runners Up

"Jerome Iginla ain't got nothin' on me!" "Wait, who's Jerome Iguana?"

Very funny hockey reference.

"I hate it when my mom buys clothes with my name on the front." -Vic

It is sort of in the same category as the others. Like he has something he is slightly upset about. The funniest part about it to me is that it is 'signed'. Like it is a note that this kid left us.

"Do you know, I could really do with some Irn Bru"

I like this one for the international flair. If nothing else it shows that that DinoMight's blog is being read around the world. Irn Bru is a soda that is very popular in Scotland. It is bright pink and tastes somewhere in between bubble gum and medicine. When I lived in Scotland for a few months, the friends that stocked my kitchen filled my refridgerator with Irn Bru. It tasted totally gross. I kept tasting it, for the possibility that maybe this time I'd like it. To no avail, however, strangely I visited again 4 years later and just loved it. It's kind of like how someone from Scotland might feel if they visited here and tasted Root Beer.

And the Winner of the first funny caption contest . . . J. Sundberg, who wrote,

"How did all these girls get in the locker room?"

The boy in the picture is named Cornelius. He is in third grade. I think he'd actually say that. Third grade is that time when girls have girl germs. Some things never change.

J. Sundberg, send me an email, with your size and address to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned tomorrow a post on funniest moments in DinoMights. More contests to come!

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