Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hockey in the Hood Day 4: Carlson Foundation and Lenny

On the last day of hockey camp we had a visit from the Carlson Family Foundation. They support youth at-risk and mentoring programs. DinoMights fits within their guidelines, and they have been supporting us for the last few years. Periodically, granters like to visit to see first hand what an organization is like, and to get to know them better. On this visit they were hoping to meet a volunteer that grew up in the program. Initially, I was sure that Lenny would be there, but he couldn't make it to Day 4. I let him tell you why in his video.

The Carlson Foundation visitors were very touched by Lenny's words and story. We are very thankful for Lenny. He has been an excellent volunteer over the last year. We are also thankful for what God is doing in Lenny's life. He had some rough times over the years, but now he is in a very good place. He really is in a good place to be a mentor to younger DinoMights youth. In fact, he will be going to Kids Across America Camp this week as an adult leader. It is the first time that a former DinoMights participant has gone to this camp as a leader.

Lenny, we're proud of you! Have an amazing and Blessed trip to KAA!

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