Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Kids

I've been a bit under the weather so there was no new blog entry yesterday. Also, we've been very busy visiting the homes of new DinoMights!

If you've been following the blog you read a lot about Learn 2 Skate this spring. Well, now we are inviting many of those Learn 2 Skate kids to join our program year round. We actually go right to the homes of the kids, meet their families, and tell them that we are more than just skating lessons.

It is so fun to see the joy in the faces of the kids as the recognize us. "Hey! You are the skating guys!"

The current count of new DinoMights is:

6 New DinoMights

We'll keep you updated over the next few days. Also, I'll keep the giving widget up for supporting camp scholarships until Friday. In fact, I'll extend the push-ups challenge until then as well. I will personally do one push-up for every dollar raised online for camp scholarships!

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