Monday, June 15, 2009

Hockey in the Hood Camp Preview

Tonight will mark day one of DinoMights 'Hockey in the Hood Camp'. Kids will get a chance to do something fun and positive right after school gets out. Most importantly, 18 New DinoMights will get their first taste of ice hockey and the Dino family.

With so many new kids we had to make some schedule changes to accommodate everyone. So tonight will just be Mites and Mini-Mites (Those are the youngest groups we have. The new players are on Mini-Mites). Tuesday and Wednesday all the kids will be present, but thankfully we'll be able to use rink dividers courtesy of Sport Resource Group to help keep the age groups on their own section of the rink. Thursday will be just the Squirts and above doing one of their faviorite activities, Scrimmaging!

Over the next few nights all the age groups will get a chance to learn some skills and spend time having some "cold" summer fun. There are always crazy relay races and pure summer fun. We have a few special guest coming to visit this week as well. On Wednesday we will have Nordy, the mascot of the Minnesota Wild. On Thursday, friends from the Carlson Family Foundation will be coming to visit and learn more about DinoMights.

Blog Readers can expect to see some fun pictures and hopefully some fun stories over the next couple of days. Also, I owe 70 push ups from the Camp Scholarship challenge last week. Hockey camp will be a good place to do that. So Stay Tuned this week!

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