Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hockey in the Hood Camp: Day 2

It was pouring rain for Day 2 of Hockey in the Hood Camp! The day began with Eric, Leah, and me carrying hockey bags up the stairs from our storage area to the DinoMights vans out in the rain. Leah, wore a rain coat. Eric and I were soaked.

Then at the arena we carried all those bags, plus sticks, plus other odds and ends into the arena. We had help, but we didn't want the kids out in the rain for any longer than they had to be. So we carried all those bags in through the rain. Leah had a rain coat. Eric and I were soaked.

In the end camp started on time and everything went smoothly from a logistical perspective. However, it got me wondering. How Much work really goes into making this camp possible. How Many total bags do we carry (Some people go to the gym to stay in shape, I carry hockey bags. You should see my trapezius muscles at the end of the hockey season. It will help me with those 70 push ups that I owe tonight!). What does it all add up to? So here's what I want to know this Wednesday:

1) I want to know math.

50 kids on the ice

18 New DinoMights

36 wobbly legs

About 20 kids I can't believe are not little Mites anymore.

About 2 that are now taller than me

12 kids who have grown so much that they have out grown their equipment

Infinite Smiles!

Looks like it adds up to something good!

Check the page tomorrow to see highlights from Day 3 and our visit from Nordy!

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