Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I want to know Wednesdays have often focused on the NHL. Today is the first day of free agency and our Minnesota Wild hero Marian Gaborik is off the market. He became a New York Ranger today. So here's a few questions for Gabby himself (Close caption to Marian Gaborik: If you are actually reading this please leave a comment. It would make this blog super cool.)

1) I want to know do you remember when the Wild went so deep into the playoffs in 2003 and you did so well?

My friend and Co-Squirt coach at the time, Benj Smith, and I watched most of the games together. We were both broken up with our girlfriends, so we spent the spring watching the Wild and healing from our break ups. It was a pretty special time. Thanks Marian.

2) I want to know if you noticed that we flew on the same airplane home from the All-Star Game in Atlanta?

We noticed you. It was quite a thrill to be flying home on the same flight as the person we had been cheering for in the game.

3) I want to know if you felt thanked for hosting us in your suite, Gaborik's Guests?

It turned out to be our Squirt team party. The kids loved it. They asked your agent what you like to do in your spare time, and he said that you like video games. They like you even more now.

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