Monday, May 18, 2009

Today I am super excited about DinoMights alumni!

We were planning to take a bus to Kids Across America, but it fell through. So as it turns out we will be taking the DinoMights vans to Camp. Of course, a coach bus fully equipped with a bathroom is the nicest way to travel to Southern Missouri. However, the DinoMights vans are not that bad. The catch is that we need to take extra adults to drive the vans.

So on short notice we put the word out that we needed another chaperone. Today we got word from Lenny that he can be our final chaperone for camp.

This is so exciting, because Lenny is a DinoMights coach that grew up in DinoMights! Now he is going to be taking kids to camp.

Lenny has been working in the automotive industry for the last few years, but God has been doing some pretty amazing things in his life lately. Now he's thinking that he might be interested in Youth work. So what a great opportunity for Lenny to go to camp and get a deeper taste of what youth work is all about.

I just can't get over the whole "giving back" idea. DinoMights has made a difference in Lenny's life, and now he's doing that for other kids.

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