Monday, May 11, 2009

Dino Moms

DinoMight parents enjoy the "Motown Museum" on the Detroit Tournament Trip

"Hockey Moms" have a kind of reputation in Minnesota. There is even a contest sponsored by Red Baron Pizza to declare, Minnesota's Hockey Mom of the Year. I think that there are definitely some DinoMights moms that would qualify for that contest.

Not only are our moms dedicated to driving to games and practices. Not only are they adept at dressing warm for the cold arenas. But almost none of them grew up in hockey households. Almost all of them had to get over, at least a little thought or feeling of, "is my kid crazy to want to play this sport?" or "is this sport dangerous?" or "will my son or daughter be the only non-white kid on the team."

This year on the Detroit trip several moms made the trip. It was every bit as much of a thrill for them as it was for the kids. Their kids are their lives, and it is very special to know that DinoMights is enriching the lives of the kids' parents as well.

I'll never forget what one mother said to me last spring, "I want all of you (DinoMights staff, volunteers, etc.) to be there at graduation, because you have all been a part of helping me raise my son." Actually, the Dino Moms are all helping to raise one big Dino Family that includes many sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Dino Mom, Lawanda, takes pictures of her daughter skating in Joe Louis Arena

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