Friday, October 15, 2010

Special Guest: Minnesota Wild

Before the Minnesota Wild ever took the ice as an NHL hockey team they sought out worthy causes in the community to support. At that time DinoMights was in its early grassroots phase as well. Two Wild execs came to meet with John Foley, the founder and original director of DinoMights. After a nice lunch and conversation about how the Wild might be involved with DinoMights, the group was driving through the neighborhood back to John's office. There on the street were three boys playing street hockey with sticks that they had formed from temporary no parking signs. John said, "stop the car, I've got to sign these kids up." 12 years later, both that group of kids and the Minnesota Wild are still involved with DinoMights.

The Wild helps out DinoMights in numerous ways, but one is supporting our fundraiser. They always donate autographed items for the silent auction. This year they are donating a pair of game tickets, with a Zamboni ride at the period break! They also come to the event and share in the program.

Brad Bombardir smiles with DinoMights girls at a donated suite for a Wild game

Brad Bombardir, former player and current Director of Community Relations, is a regular presenter at the event. For the las few years he has presented our annual academic and service awards. In addition he has given those award winners a behind the scenes tour of Xcel Center on a game night.

So we are glad to continue a wonderful relationship with the Wild, and glad that they will once again be involved with our fundraiser.

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