Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big EVENT: First Day of Practice

I recently called a new student to let him know that I would be coming to pick him up in the DinoMights van. He was so excited that he hung up on me.

Saturday was the first day of practice for the majority of our students. You really can never lose the joy of seeing wobbly little people just learning to skate. Mix the joy of something new with the excitement that hangs up on a caller in the middle of a phone conversation, and you definitely have a Big Event.

All fall, leading up to this day, we get phone calls in the office,

"When is hockey going to start?"
"Did you get the letter that we sent with a schedule?"
"Uh, I don't know."
"Well we sent you a schedule and hockey will start in three weeks."
"Aww, that long?"
"It will be here before you know it."

"When is hockey going to start?"
"Did you get the letter?"
"Uh, let me check the mail. Oh, here it is."
"O.K., that says when your practice is going to be. Two weeks away."
"Aww, that long?"
"It's really not that far off."

ANOTHER WEEK LATER (I call this time)
"Hello, this is Scott"
"Oh, hi Scott."
"I'm calling to let you know that I will be there to pick you up for hockey tomorrow morning"
"Hockey is tomorrow?!?!?!?!? Hey mom, I got hockey tomorrow, oh I can't wait until" CLICK

Imagine what he felt when he saw the ice, when his coaches said "hello, so glad to see you," when he finally felt the cool breeze against his face as he sailed across the rink.

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