Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks For Supporting Camp Scholarships!

As of 5/12/11 Camp Funds are up to $1955!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks so much for supporting DinoMights my race and efforts to raise camp scholarships! The race was on Saturday and I did indeed have enough donations to wear a full set of hockey equipment. It was cold and a bit rainy, which actually worked in my advantage since the equipment didn't make me hot until mile 5. The hardest thing was actually the shin guards. The breezers were quite comfortable. DinoMights got a lot of good attention on the race course as I explained exactly what I was doing in hockey gear at a road race.

My fundraising effort had 10 donors for a total of $925. I had a partner in this effort that raced in a snowsuit (He was very sweaty by the end). Together we raised $1,605, which can fully scholarship 5+ students to summer camp!

Our fundraiser was definitely fun, but most importantly it may actually change the lives of some urban young people that will have chances to canoe the Boundary Waters, learn about food and nutrition, go to a hockey clinic, ride a horse, swim in a lake, and hear about the great love of Jesus at DinoMights summer camping activities 2011!

Attached is a picture to prove we really did it (notice our race numbers, proving that we aren't just dressed up!). Again thanks so much. Please stay in touch. If you haven't had a chance, but still want to join our effort visit

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