Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Carroll at Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate

Sometimes stuff happens in real life that is every bit as amazing as stuff that is made up.

Almost 4 years ago a tragedy occurred that now shapes our community here at DinoMights. Long time mites coach Greg Carroll passed away unexpectedly one morning. It was very sad for so many young DinoMights he had coached.

We officially named Learn 2 Skate after Greg to honor his legacy.

Greg's friends and family have been behind Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate ever since. Some of his High School Classmates even hold a Golf Tournament to support Greg's legacy.

This year we have the most amazing and touching part of the story yet! Greg's brother, Dan, is now a DinoMights volunteer. He spent time tutoring a 2nd grader this winter and then became a lead coach at Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate.

It was amazing to me to see how special it was to Dan to be a part of this effort in a very personal way. I can't step in his shoes and know what it was like for him to serve at the event named for his brother, but I am certain that it is part of that amazing web that God weaves to bring about things that give us pause to wonder.

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