Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Success Stories: Frankie

Yesterday I got to spend some time with Frankie at tutoring.

Frankie is one of those kids you can look at and see that DinoMights is making a difference. He would make a great comic book character. He is a good athlete with natural leadership skills. His talents could be used for either good or evil. And, there is a battle over whether or not his skills will be employed by the dark side or the light (sounds a little like star wars, and also I recall something from the bible about light).

Anyway, a year ago Frankie's tutor couldn't keep tutoring him. So we placed him with Coach Pete as his new tutor. A few weeks later Frankie told Pete that he didn't want him to be his tutor any more. Well, of course the forces of good had to step in and say, "Kids don't get to decide who their tutors are going to be. Your job is to come here and learn. We actually put a lot of thought into your tutor, and think that Pete and you will be great friends." His immediate reaction was to hang his head and mope.

A year later all Frakie talks about is, "Coach Pete this," and "Coach Pete that." Pete is a police officer and occasionally rolls by Frakie's house in his squad car to say, "Hey, you keepin' out of trouble?" And he is keeping out of trouble!

Pete couldn't make it yesterday, so I substitute tutored Frankie. We did some word lists. He's a third grader and got 100% of the fourth grade words correct. Then he got most of the 5th grade words too. I think the forces of good and light are winning in Frankie's life!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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Anonymous said...

He is such a sweet kid.
Found out recently that he tested high enough to be considered "gifted" :)