Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Endings

Last night was the last night for the 2010-2011 tutoring season. Many of the kids will now participate in our technology classes. In fact, we may have one of our biggest technology classes ever this year.

The party was tremendous fun. We had pizza, played board games, Mario Kart on the Wii, and the kids got fun prizes.

I went around and asked students to share something they have learned or remember from this year. Below are their quotes.

Eduardo, age 7, "I learned that hockey is cool."

Kevin, age 7, "I learned how to read in English, and I won a car." --When asked what he learned from his tutor.

Alex, age 6, "My favorite memory of hockey is doing the Superman." The "Superman" drill is when students extend their arms and slide on their bellies.

Larry, age 11, "I learned fractions." --When asked what he learned from his tutor.

Rafael, age 13, "Tweet, Tweet, Tweet." --When asked what he wanted to share on Twitter.

Francisco, age 12, "Getting my homework done on time." --When asked how his tutor helped him this year.

Edward, age 10, "I learned from my tutor that you always have to study hard and don't give up."

Sandy, age 16, "It was fabulous. I enjoyed coming every Tuesday and being with the kids." --On what it was like to be a tutor to a second grader this year.

Ericka, age 7, on her favorite book from tutoring, "Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish is Huevos Verdes con Jamon."

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