Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hockey In the Hood Camp: Why I love these images (Part 1)

Last week we completed our biggest Hockey in the Hood Camp ever! We had 26 brand new hockey players on the ice. That is our biggest group of new students ever.

There are a lot of wonderful and lasting images in my head from the week. I'd like to share them with you over the next few days, and explain what the images mean to me. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are touched by any of these pictures and stories.

This is a picture of Salma and Charlin hugging on the ice. If you could browse our pictures, you'd find at least a dozen pictures of these two friends hugging. One of the most meaningful things about our Girls team is the close relationships they form.

One girl, named Emily, moved last spring. She has been very concerned that she might not get to be a part of DinoMights anymore. She was able to come to Hockey in the Hood Camp. When she saw Charlin in the parking lot they hugged and cried, because they were so happy to see each other. That is an image that will stick in my mind for a while.

One thing we are very excited to report is the number of new girls in the program. DinoMights has had girls teams for a long time, but we are really making a push to improve our girls teams this year. We added 17 new girls this spring. I'm really looking forward to seeing them enjoy a lot of hugs over the next few years!

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