Monday, May 31, 2010

Please Support Sandy

Name: Sandy S.

Age: 15

Camp Attending:

Kids Across America (KAA)

KAA is a Christian Sports Camp located in Southern Missouri. The camp is dedicated to building Christian leaders by encouraging, equipping and empowering urban youth and their mentors through sports camping.

My Camp Favorites are:

Getting to know others from all different states; learning about God; having Bible Study; and the various athletic activities

A few things learned at camp:

God is our father; he died for us on the cross and saved us from our sins. He’ll be there for you, and answer your prayers.

Ways you could pray for me while I’m at Camp are . . .

Pray that I’ll be safe, make new friends, learn more about God and grow in faith. Pray that I won’t be the “shy girl” at camp.

• $300 or just $25 per month can support Sandy’s full KAA costs including transportation and tuition.

• Special gifts of any amount are investments in the lives of urban youth by sending them to camp.

To sponsor Sandy with a full or partial camp scholarship please click the donate button below, and type "Camp Scholarship for Sandy," in the description line.

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