Friday, October 9, 2009

Drum Roll Please . . . DinoMights would like to make a very special announcement . . . Our special guest for the 2009 Fundraiser will be . . . The Stanley Cup!

The event is just around the corner. The invites are on their way to the post office. This year's event will make a statement!

Picture in your head the captain of the Stanley Cup Champions lifting the legendary trophy over his head. He pumps the 35 pound prize to signify the completion of his team's accomplishment. All the hard work, all the injuries, all the time . . . All to boisterously make this silent statement by carrying the cup over head.

Maybe one day a DinoMight will grow up to be a pro hockey player and have the experience of that exact moment.

Maybe not.

Probably not.

But we have the same joy at graduation. We have the same joy to see our young people grow up to be adults concerned for their community. We have the same joy to see our young people embrace their faith.

So, yeah, this is a good guest for this year's event. I hope you will help us celebrate!

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