Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Big DinoMight Weekend

This weekend was a big weekend for DinoMight participants! On Friday evening the girl's team kicked off their season with a bonfire and fireworks at a former teammate's house. They roasted lots of marshmallows and enjoyed just hanging out with each other!

Saturday was everyone's first hockey practice of the year. It was interesting to see how much the program has grown since I was a player--there were SO many kids! It was especially fun to see all of the new faces and experience all of the excitement with some of the littlest kids. There was a really great turnout of parents as well. We wanted as many parents as possible to come to the first practice in order to register their kids and also to attend an informational meeting about the program. Since many of our kids parents are Spanish speakers, Scott asked me to help translate key points of the meeting. I was super nervous but the parents were very gracious about the fact that I am still learning and were very encouraging :)

It is going to be a GREAT year!!

Keyana (little sister of DinoMight alumni Greg and Ben) sporting a vintage DinoMight sweatshirt at Saturday's practice

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