Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The next viral video hit

Props to Coach E.J. for making our practice so fun today. Today was the first ever DinoMights on ice dance party! Take a look and have a laugh.

I took the video on my phone, that's why it is small.

By the way, no one has guessed the special guest for our Nov. 16 fundraiser yet. If you look over the posts you will get all the clues. It's going to get easier and easier.

Next Clue
I am not human. Who am I.


Harvey Birth said...

So nobody's guessed the guest yet? I'll give it my best guess, but I'm not firmly invested in it. My best guess about the guest is the Turner Cup.

Harman said...

Harvey, that's a good guess, but not quite! Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

It has to be the Stanley cup!

Mike Olson