Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I want to know Wednesday

1) I want to know what has come over the DinoMights that they are actually filling out their camp permission forms on time!

Leah and Mari with their cabin of Dinos at Silver Birch Ranch '08

On Sunday, we will leave for Silver Birch Ranch. We expect to take about 25 DinoMight to Northern Wisconsin for a week filled with fun and fellowship. For many years, we've partnered with the Park Ave Youth and Family Services to do camp for kids who have finished 3rd through 5th grades (If you are an alumni reading this, Silver Birch has replaced Honey Rock. Nothing against Honey Rock, the schedule just didn't work out to go there anymore).

So once again we set out on the road. We've asked the families to fill out the forms for camp and return them to the DinoMights office. Now normally when we do something like this, it requires multiple visits to multiple kid's houses. But, for some reason this year the kids have really taken the responsibility and turned in their forms. I guess the word is out: Camp is something that kids really want to go to.

Brian in a canoe

2) I want to know what interesting critters the boys will catch this year.

Last year it was raining during our night to make s'mores. So the boys made S'mores indoors in a room with a fireplace. The kids were all playing board games while enjoying their treats. The Dino boys said, "Hey look Scott, the turtle is playing CLUE."

"Oh, that's nice," was my first reaction. I thought they had found a turtle game piece from another game and were using it in place of Col. Mustard. Then I looked and saw this game piece moving on its own. It was in fact a real turtle. The boys named him Snappy, and kept him in the cabin sink along with about a dozen frogs. Some of the frogs were missing their legs. The boys explained that Snappy was eating them.

Snappy the turtle (Don't worry he was released back into the lake before we went home. . . I think).

The year before these same boys stole the show when they performed their sketch on the final evening of camp by throwing Crawfish into the crowd.

3) I want to know if camp baby can make a successful transition to camp toddler.

Selah discovering her hand as a three month old at Silver Birch Camp '08

Honey Rock and now Silver Birch have always had a strong family feel. Our main camp speaker, Chris McNair, has always brought his whole family to camp. John and Erin Foley used to bring their kids. Now, Kari and I get to bring our little girl, Selah, to camp. Although, she can only say a few words (relatively speaking, she's pretty verbal for her age), and although she can barely walk, she still has a ministry to the kids at camp. Kids see this sweet little baby, and just sense the gentle nature of a young life. They see her laughing the first laughs of a life and they can't help but be transported to an innocent place of peace.

This year ought to be a lot of fun for Selah. She was not quite four months last year. Now she can go swimming, visit horses, and play on the playground. Doing this trip together as a family is without doubt what I am most looking forward to.

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