Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learn To Skate

Every year DinoMights partners with local schools to do the Greg Carroll Learn 2 Skate program. It is a five week program that gives first graders in the area the opportunity to learn how to skate. It is DinoMight's major community service project of the year and many members of the DinoMight community get involved to help out. DinoMight coaches, alumni, highschoolers, and grade school participants are stepping up to the plate to volunteer this year and it has been a blast so far! I have had the pleasure of leading a group with my older brother Jesse (We are both pictured above as young DinoMight players). It is awesome to be able to do something I love alongside my brother and we both appreciate the opportunity to give back to DinoMights. Jesse currently works for Minneapolis Public Schools in their after school program. I guess he decided he isn't around kids enough because he committed to 5 Wednesdays of learn to skate :) We were grateful for the help of DinoMight highschoolers Joeny, Sandy, and Trey today. The first graders think highschoolers are so cool and enjoyed having their attention! I am looking forward to two more weeks with these awesome kids and volunteers!

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